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… born, raised and based in Athens, we are a Graphic Design Agency that specializes in BTL services since 1992.

—A few words about us

We’ve been around long enough to know how to design, adapt, evolve and continuously offer fresh ideas to showcase your products

Our team has been trusted by an extensive list of local and multinational clients throughout those years. Fact! Our versatile portfolio ranges from FMCG Industry, Beauty, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial to Services. Our true expertise lies in our in-depth design and communication capabilities towards in-store communication principles, customer tailor-made solutions using any material imaginable applying end-to-end execution.

We exploit market trends and propose innovative design solutions optimising agility and ROI mentality. Our vision? To continue providing best in class communication ideas and in-store specialized concepts to our customers & unique in-store experiences to their consumers. Even though we are loyal to our Greek clients we are constantly challenging ourselves with international projects. We are intercultural communicators and we are willing to travel and meet clients to better realize their needs.

—What can we do for you?

Pretty much anything that involves or includes the word design in it

Our creative and versatile team can help you improve your product reach and impact from below the line and in-store communication solutions all the way to online marketing and branding.

We love ideas and work best with clients in unconventional ways to promote their products. Successful projects are rooted in deep understanding of objectives as well as taking great care to listen to clients, resulting in long-term relationships.

Consider us your project partners throughout all stages, from conception to production. Trust our proactive recommendations and additional design ideas and suggestions that can further enhance your product reach. We are known for our highly professional corporate standards approach matched with tangible and friendly interaction. More specifically we specialize in:

—Some Case Studies

"The function of design is letting design function"

Capable to develop a concept from scratch, our work ranges from creative adaptation to complete product innovation. We thrive using innovative materials and production methods, exploiting our knowledge of niche manufacturers and new technologies.

Design is our strong asset and our varied portfolio of clients allows us to innovate continuously. Our work has been developing throughout years of influential presence in the market. Here is a selection of 12 clients and their diverse projects to have an idea of what we have been up to so far:

—How do we work?

We master the art of observing

We observe current trends and predictions, customer behaviours and consumer insights, figuring out what works well and what doesn’t. We visit the stores, we assess the landscape, we talk to consumers, ask questions and then we assign work accordingly to our team. Then, we begin to work!

Our team works hand in hand with our clients allowing constant interaction between brands and keeping up to date with their evolving concept development needs. In addition, we invest heavily in the continuous training of our employees in the areas of design, consumer insights and retail trends.

—Our team


We sync really well with each other

Any well functioning creative team mixes experience with innovation and this is the recipe for our success. Our team consists of trusted colleagues from the very beginning of our existence mixed with talented young professionals who bring fresh and contemporary ideas on the table. We are equally professional and approachable creating a work environment that promotes excellence by teamwork and commitment.

Whenever necessary, we collaborate with other creative specialists such as web developers, copywriters and digital media experts, and we are more than happy to either join or build a team for a particular project.

—Clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with:

—Why do we think you should contact us?

We truly believe that we work differently, focusing on innovation and being forward thinking

We like to have fun with our work and manifest this with our projects. We possess experience and imagination. We are reliable communicators, real experts in BTL services and in-store communication. As much as we enjoy delivering new projects to our old clients we always look to engage with new ones so that we diversify and extend our reach to new audiences! To cut a long story sort, whatever your needs, we will help you out, so go ahead and challenge us (with however big or small, easy or difficult your campaigns may be!)

274 Mesogeion Avenue & Vitali Str.
Cholargos, 15562

Tel: +30 210 6519692
Fax: +30 210 6543571